New Consultant to Lead Liquor License Lending Services

As a part of launching our latest service, Liquor License Lending, PA Liquor License Company is excited to announce our newest team member Micah Grubbs. Micah has been an active member of the Pittsburgh business community for 15+ years.

Micah has acted as the CFO in the Spa and Salon industry, financed and flipped millions of dollars of housing, written business plans for everything from parking lots to coffee shops to horse farms, and hired and trained over 100 employees.

What is Liquor License Lending?

Purchasing a Pennsylvania Liquor License requires upfront capital that can be in short supply for owners and operators. Banks often don’t finance liquor license purchases, which is why PA Liquor License Company and Sofranko Advisory Group decided to step in to assist restaurant and convenience store owners.

Our unique Liquor License Lending process works much like bank financing:

  1. Restaurateurs or convenience store owners who qualify to buy a PA liquor license contact us to discuss if our lending program is a good fit. Start the discussion now!
  2. Those who qualify for the program will formally apply for financing up to $100,000.
  3. We find a liquor license for the applicant to purchase if needed.
  4. The lending recipient puts 50% of the purchase price down, and we fund the rest.

This program is ideal for convenience store owners who want to start selling wine and beer, pizza shop operators looking to add on six-pack sales, or restaurant owners looking to open another location.

Interested in Liquor License Lending? Inquire here!

Experienced Entrepreneur Leads Liquor License Lending for PA Liquor License Company

Micah has extensive experience as an entrepreneur and consultant, helping him to understand both sides of the lending process.

Founder of Verve 360

He and his wife Aubre opened Verve 360, a unique wellness center, in Downtown Pittsburgh in 2008 with only three employees. The successful business included salon and spa services, massage, pilates/yoga, and chiropractic care.

In the 13 years of business, Micah guided Verve 360 as it:

  • Grew to over $1 million in annual revenue with 15 full-time technicians.
  • Was recognized by the City of Pittsburgh as one of the fastest-growing businesses in the city in 2012.
  • Earned over $10 million in revenue and performed 150,000 services on over 30,000 individual clients.
  • Came back to financial success after a fire and subsequent 3-month shut down.

Business Consulting and Mentorship

During his tenure as owner of Verve, he graduated from the University of Pittsburgh Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence program and successfully consulted, modeled, and mentored multiple businesses in the city. Over the last few years, he has financed, constructed, and flipped millions of dollars of real estate.

Get in Contact with Micah About Liquor License Lending

Micah Grubbs
cell: 724-344-6758






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