Liquor License Lending

With the steady increase in the liquor license values across the State of Pennsylvania, it is often difficult to acquire a liquor license without having the upfront capital to do so and that’s where liquor license lending comes in. At PA Liquor License Co, we offer a seamless liquor license lending process, all under one roof, for all of your liquor license purchasing needs.

We Provide Bank-Free Liquor License Lending Up to $100,000 

We have 30+ years of experience across the entire state and are proud to be the ONLY full-service liquor license firm in the State of Pennsylvania. We offer our clients the funding they need to purchase their liquor license, in turn increasing business revenue.

Whether you’re adding a liquor license to an existing business or need one to open a new business, PA Liquor License Co can provide you with expert advice and provide you with the financial means to obtain a liquor license. We also offer lending against a liquor license you already own, if you need quick, hassle-free for your establishment.

How Liquor License Lending Works

  1. Fill out the form below or call us at 724-935-2151 to get started.
  2. We contact you to assess your needs, discuss your background, and determine a clear path forward.
  3. If you qualify for lending, we begin the loan application process immediately.
  4. We provide upfront funding to purchase a new liquor license or help you to borrow against your existing liquor license. W can even secure a liquor license for you to purchase.
  5. Similar to a bank loan, our buyers put up to 50% of the purchase price down, and we fund the rest.




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