Changes in NJ Law Lead to Expanded Liquor License Market

In 2024, New Jersey made major changes to its liquor laws, opening up new opportunities for business owners. 

New Jersey Liquor License Changes

According to, the new law aims, in part, to move some of the 1,300 inactive and pocket licenses back into circulation, making  more opportunities for bars and restaurants to buy new licenses. In fact, the law could increase the number of licenses in play by 15% according to the New Jersey Monitor

Another significant change came in the ways licenses could move from municipality to neighboring municipality. There were also changes to options for brewery licenses.

PALLC Can Help with New Jersey Liquor License Market

All these changes will bring more activity into the market. If you’ve been thinking about buying or selling a liquor license in New Jersey, we can help! We list liquor licenses for sale for free and monitor pricing across the state to help buyers and sellers get a fair price. 

As the impacts of these changes continue to unfold, we will be staying current with the legalities and trends. We’re used to navigating complicated liquor license laws in Pennsylvania and have dedicated resources towards the New Jersey market. 

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