How many Distributor “D” Liquor Licenses are in a County in Pennsylvania & What is an “ID”?


Micah: Hi I’m Micah Grubbs 

Sarah: and I’m Sarah Evans 

Micah: And we are standing in Save On Beer in Cranberry. It’s Cranberry’s largest beer distributor. It’s been in business for over 30 years and they sell a variety of beers from over 600 different breweries.

Sarah: And we’re here today to give you a few facts about Distributing licenses. 

How Many “D” Licenses are in a County?

Sarah: So Micah, how many D licenses are in a County. 

Micah: It depends. It depends on the population and the size of the county. They were originally assigned based on population and as the population has moved around the number changes a little bit. There are approximately 10 percent as many D licenses as bar licenses in a County

with the caveat that, if the County’s small enough, even if the population doesn’t support it, there are at least five.

Sarah: So Micah how do they move?

Micah: So “D” licenses are different than “R” licenses because can move them anywhere within the county without the municipality allowing it in. Also in the case of “R” licenses they have to stay where they are in the new Township for five years in the case of “D” licenses they don’t. So very often when somebody buys a beer distributor they may buy a small one just to shut it down just so that they can get the license so they move it to a larger, more populous and more advantageous place in the county.

What is a “D” and an “ID”

Sarah: Oh so Micah what is the difference between a D and an ID 

Micah: So they are both licenses that function in beer distributors. D licenses are more plentiful than ID licenses. The differences are twofold: number one a distributor needs a thousand square feet and ID needs 2500 square feet and from a functional perspective the difference is that IDs can also wholesale where Distributors can only retail. They (ID Licenses) can also wholesale which means they can strike contracts with larger brands to help supply the retailers

Sarah: So Micah, can you own a “D” and a “R” together? 

Micah: You cannot. So if you if you already own an “R” license because you’re part of a Restaurant Group um and you want to own a beer distributor then you have to take yourself either off of the “R” license where you are or you have to find another entity or family member or partner to own the “D” license.

Micah: Call the Sofranko group at the number on the screen or click the links below for any of your liquor license needs and you can ask for me Michael Grubbs

Sarah: Or me Sarah Evans. And a special thank you to Save On Beer in Cranberry Township for allowing us to film here today.

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