Common Liquor License Questions & Misconceptions Part 2

We know that people are trying to find answers to PA liquor license questions and are often coming up blank. Here are some more questions we answer every week as one of the preeminent liquor license market experts in PA! Read Most Common PA Liquor License Questions and Misconceptions Part 1 if your question isn’t answered below!

What do I need to buy a liquor license? 

The first thing you need to buy a liquor license is for one to be available for sale in your county. You also need:

  • A location for your establishment (bar, restaurant, etc) that is not in a dry county or is located too close to a church/ school, etc. 
  • The money to pay for your license. Typically all of the money is due at the time of the transfer. 
  • You must be a U.S. citizen, a PA resident, and be able to pass a background check to purchase a PA liquor license. 

It’s a bit of a complicated process… Read: How to Obtain a PA Liquor License for more info.

Want to start the process of buying or selling a PA liquor license? Contact PA Liquor License Company!

Is there one place to see what licenses are for sale or what they cost? 

Not really. The price of liquor licenses varies based on demand and the only real judge of how much they cost is recent sales in any given county. Typically that info isn’t publicly available. We keep track of this information and make contacts across the state so we can always have up-to-date pricing information whenever possible. We also make our liquor license listings and prices public so people have an honest look at what the going rate is.

See our current list of licenses for sale (with prices). 

Can I buy or sell a license quickly? 

Maybe. It honestly depends on your definition of quickly (and whether everything is in order on the buyer’s and seller’s side). The investigation stage of the buying process can take a long time if the buyer is involved with other licenses or if there are tax issues involved. The shortest that we’re currently seeing for straightforward transfers is still several months. 

Here are some other things that lengthen the buying process:

  • Intermunicipal transfer
  • Interconnected buildings
  • Tax issues on the seller side
  • Ownership of other licenses on the buyer side

Can I buy a liquor license for a food truck or mobile bar? 

Maybe. But only if you are connected to a full restaurant or brewery. Licenses have to have an established premise (a commercial business location with a kitchen and seating). Or be producing alcohol in case of a brewery or winery.

There are also different licensing options for private catered events. It’s complicated and you should definitely talk to a liquor license lawyer if you want to attempt any version of it. We can help connect you to an experience PA Liquor License Attorney.  Contact us for more info! 

Read Most Common PA Liquor License Questions and Misconceptions Part 1 for more FAQ’s.

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