Philadelphia County

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Philadelphia County, located in southeast Pennsylvania, is the most populous county in PA with a population of 1,584,064 and has the most liquor licenses in the state. Founded in 1682, Allegheny County is 143 square miles with the county seat of Philadelphia.

 Number of Active Philadelphia County Liquor Licenses

  • 1670 “R” Licenses
  • 126 “E” Licenses
  • 135 “D” Licenses

Current Market Value of Philadelphia County Liquor Licenses

  • Philadelphia  “R” License: $175,000
  • Philadelphia  “E” License: $85,000
  • Philadelphia  “D” License: $300,000

Current Transfer Activity Level: Low

  • Approximately 8% of licenses exchange hands in Philadelphia County each year.

Philadelphia County Liquor Licenses For Sale Now

  • Philadelphia County “E” License: $85,000
  • Philadelphia County “R” License: $175,000
  • Philadelphia County “D” License: $310,000

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