Allegheny County

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Allegheny County, located in southwest Pennsylvania, is the second-most populous county in PA with a population of 1,250,578 and has the second-most liquor licenses in the state. Founded in 1788, Allegheny County is 745 square miles with the county seat of Pittsburgh.

Number of Active Allegheny County Liquor Licenses

  • 1468 “R” Licenses
  • 13 “E” Licenses
  • 129 “D” Licenses

Current Market Value of Allegheny County Liquor Licenses

  • Allegheny Municipal “R” License: $105,000
  • Allegheny City “R” License: $93,000
  • Allegheny “E” License: $55,000
  • Allegheny “D” License: $250,000

Current Transfer Activity Level: High

  • Approximately 10% of licenses exchange hands in Allegheny County each year.

Allegheny County Liquor Licenses For Sale Now

  • Allegheny County “R” License: $105,000

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